14 Hostess Gifts To Buy Now

Parties are two things. 1) A lot of hard work. And 2) Their own reward. Unfortunately the second one doesn’t quite cancel out the first one. Not when a dinner party for ten can set you back a motza and leave you tearing your hair out when guests are due in 15 minutes and you’ve forgotten to, oh I don’t know, buy food. I still have no idea how that happened… but damn those Crust pizzas saved my bacon. Some of them even involved bacon in a rather delicious irony.

Anywho, back in the day people actually acknowledged how much work it was to feed and water the masses by giving hostess gifts when invited to someone’s house.

I’m not sure when they went out of fashion but I think right here, right now, we should all make a pact to bring them back.

What’s a hostess gift exactly ? It’s just that – the gift you take to someone’s house to say, “Hey… thanks for having me. You’re pretty awesome. Keep that shiz up.”

They’re something you’re supposed to take in addition to a bottle of wine. The wine is a given, the gift is a gesture. A rather nice one, too.

So what kind of things make good hostess gifts?

How about this limited edition gold foil print from the good peeps at Blacklist Studio. Or even this dapper animal teatowel set from West Elm. And even if you forget to grab something on the day, follow it up the next morning by sending them a succulent pot from Say It With Succulents.

Here’s 14 other gifts that would make pretty stellar host or hostess gifts to boot.

1. A freshly baked cake.

2. A personalised address stamp.
3. A Bottle opener.
4. A foodie hamper.
5. A bottle of wine WRAPPED in a teatowel. Clever.
6. A print fit for a happy home.
7. Breads and oils.
8. Candles. Especially these Kate Spade ones.
9. A plant. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
10. Some fancy-pants pencils.
11. Coffee or tea basket.
12. Cookies in a jar.
13. A board game.
14. Heck, if you’re feeling generous a whole tower of boardgames!

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