17 Ways With Feathers


Of course, I also said I was going to get my car serviced and that I’d give up burgers for a week.

Basically Duff Man says a lot of things, because this week I’ve decided to concede to one other decorative accoutrement is perfect for Easter.

And that accoutrement is feathers.

Birds: first they gave us supermarket-acceptable breasts and now this. They really are the creatures that just keep on giving.

What’s great about this trend is that it’s not just Easter-appropriate – you can use feathers to tjuz your table anytime. And yes – that is how you spell tjuz. You’d think it would be joouz or maybe jhuzz, but there you have it. You know what, let’s just say spruce, shall we. Tjuz is a ridiculous word that should probably be banned along with moist, nip and bae.

But back to the feathers.

If you don’t have a sneaky menagerie out the back from which to pluck – we’re not all Bindi Irwin after all – then you need to source elsewhere. There’s a few places that should be on your go-to list, like House of Adorn and the Sydney-based Photios Bros. And get this – there’s even an entire website dedicated to the things. It’s called feather.com.au, if you can believe it. They even have other borderline insane things like porcupine quills and boar hair. True story.

You could also use ceramic or cardboard varieties if you want to be vegan-friendly.

Of course, an au naturale colour palette is best. And you while should probably make sure none of your guests are allergic to turkeys or pigeons or ostriches or whatever else you’re using, providing you have friends with strong immune systems, I’d say you’re good to go.

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