21 Dazzling Flower Crowns

The other day my dentist told me I needed a crown and I was all like, “I knoooooow, right?!”

Turns out this wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. I really would have preferred one of these though. Not to mention I could commission all of these simultaneously and would still cost me less than his version.

But thanks to the fact my little sister is getting married this weekend (Hi Jess!), I’ve been doing some pretty heavy flower crown research of late. And there are some pretty spectacular noggin trimmings floating around, let me tell you.

I personally go gaga for the ones with a slightly unusual twist – such as using succulents instead of flowers or florals in a single hue for maximum impact.

These are all pretty spectacular though.

Whether you’re after some subtle fairy-like foliage or blooms the size of dinner plates, there’s a little something-something for everyone.

There’s always the hair up/hair down debate for brides of course, but I think the following prove hair up just looks much more regal. And who doesn’t want to look regal on their wedding day?

They don’t just have to be for brides either – kids go nutballs for them. And they work equally well for bridal and baby showers too.

While it’s possible to make your own – not to mention much cheaper if you’ve churning them out for a whole gaggle of girls – I’d definitely suggest getting a florist on board if you want something really unique. Not just any florist either, but one that specialises in such things. We went with Gypsy Flora in Berry NSW for my sister’s nuptials, but you’ll figure it out pretty quickly if your florist is picking up what you’re putting down. Which will obviously be this, as a neat little reference.

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Get these and even more flower crowns over on the Pinterest board.

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  1. Ooooh so many pretties! Have fun at the wedding! :-)
    April xx


  2. markyknowsbest says:

    You know I will!

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