21 Things You Can Spray Paint Gold

Rose gold is having a moment. And it feels like it might stick around… but it won’t. Not really. One day we’ll look back at rose gold homewares in the way we now look at orange melamine servingware from the 70s.

But do you know will always be timelessly luxe? Regular gold. Yellow gold. Texas tea.

And while most people who aren’t Taylor Swift or Richard Branson can’t afford actual hunks of gold in their life, there is an alternative…

And that alternative is run-of-the-mill hardware store spray paint.

Yes, the favoured vestige of vandals the world over is actually an ace transformative crafter’s delight.

But there are a few tricks to getting it right.

Back in my uni days – when I was trying to make up for marks I lost in my tech drawing class (never did figure out how to use a protractor, really) – I would spend days upon days spray painting things just so. And I learned a few things doing it. Like, primer is the most important step and you shouldn’t wear white sneakers while aerosol pigment is flying through the air.

In short, most items (especially plastic ones) will need a light sanding with 120-grit sandpaper to give the paint some texture to adhere to. If you really want a KitchenAid-shiny surface, I’d then wait for your first coat of primer to dry, sand back and prime again. Then it’s time for the paint. Again, she’ll be needing two coats. Don’t worry if you don’t get every square inch in the first run – several light coats is infinitely better than a heavy-handed spray which ruins all that good spray paint foreplay. If you’re super keen, a gloss coat can be applied at the end but I find it usually isn’t necessary.

And that’s it. Here are a few schmick projects to get your inspiration juices flowing (special shout out to the picnic chair). Some are festive but most of these are just ways to bring bling into the everyday. Which I’m all for, as a general rule.

All that glitters isn’t gold… but all that’s gold is pretty ripper.

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