27 Naked Cakes

They sound so deliciously decadent, don’t they – naked cakes. I mean, they’re naked! So titillating.

Of course, when you think about it, a lot of things are better in the naked… Ryan Gosling? Probably better nude. DSL? According to that delightful Irishman on those internet ads, also better naked. Sleeping? Definitely better in the nuddy. Helps boost anti-ageing hormones apparently.

So why not cakes? Indeed. Good question. Which some pastry chef somewhere obviously asked themselves around 12 months ago because it’s been naked cakes a-go go ever since. It’s the cake trend that just keeps giving.

Sure when you look at your wedding photos on 30 years it will look a little dated… but so will those mason jars, confetti filled pinatas and tissue-paper bunting. That’s just how trends work.

So what is a naked cake? Basically, it’s a layered cake without icing – especially that thick, formal fondant type. Compared to these, traditional wedding cakes suddenly seem all stuffy and unapproachable.

The decorations is where it’s at. Whether you go with flowers that match the rest of your event, fun fruits (figs look especially luxe) or perhaps a mix of both, it’s all good. Succulents are also be pretty darned impressive. The honeycomb and lavender cake below is certainly quite memorable… Basically, think outside the box a little. It doesn’t actually have to be edible, it just has to look cool. You know, like your Year 12 formal date. Let y our creative juices flow and into all manner of mini bunting and cake toppers and – just a suggestion – tiny Lego villages featuring you as Queen of the Cake People.

If you’re looking for a Sydney-based version, Andy Bowdy is the master. In Melbourne, Sticky Fingers Bakery have you covered, and you can even make your own thanks to Hello May.

Fondant fans, you’ve had your time… it’s the naked cake’s time to shine.

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  1. Doni says:

    This was a very exciting day for me as I whetacd one of my closest cousins(Anthony)get married. As children we spent a lot of hours playing video games but by far my memories were of Super Mario. When I was told he was petitioning for this cake at his wedding on Facebook I was totally on board! With such a unique idea that has never been done at a traditional wedding what was not to love. It wasn’t surprising the amount of support he got for this cake and to see it at the wedding I think exceeded all of our expectations. The cake was spectacular!!! The attention to detail with all the iconic Super Mario pieces was unbelievable. This truly was a cake to be marveled at by all in attendance!

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