9 Next-Level Desserts

Want to throw a dinner party people will talk about for months to come? For the right reasons, I mean. Not because you lit your hair on fire by leaning over a candle. Trust me when I say that’s definitely not the way to go. My mane has never really fully recovered from that one.

No, for a stellar dinner party story that doesn’t end with you setting off the fire alarm by burning parts of your own body, make them one of these. Any one of these nine seriously decadent morsels will have them squealing hostess-with-the-mostess from the rooftops. I’m not even really a desserts person – I’m much more likely to nosh a hunk of cheese after dinner than reach for the chocolate. But these are too good not to get amongst. If you can think of a better way to consume copious amounts of calories, I’d like to hear it.

I served dessert number 8 at that party, just FYI. Turns out there’s nothing on earth like the whiff of fresh brownies to distract people from the smell of singed human hair. As you were.

1. Decorate-your-own Churros.
The recipe isn’t as hard as it looks and the fun of dipping and decorating at the table could basically only be amplified by having Curtis Stone actually hand-fed them to you.

2. Choc-chip Cookie Shots. Holy guacamole. What the actual cocoa bean! Make these, fill with Baileys and you’ve got a dessert and a drink in one. I’m actually hyperventilating.


3. Individual Green Tea Puddings. Simple, beautiful and guaranteed to please even those paleo/vegan/gluten-intolerant friends of yours. You know the ones. They rocked up to your house wearing Birkenstocks and smelling of patchouli. Get the recipe here.

4. Banana Boats. Chocolate, marshmallows and nuts all served up in its own little fruity bowl. Get a squiz at the recipe, realise how ridiculously easy it is and then whack them on the grill at the end of your next summer soiree for the BEST BBQ EVER.
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5. Dessert Burgers. I made these recently for the markyknowsbest.com launch party and they were a bona fide hit. Get the deets here and make your very own.

6. Chocolate and Peanut Butter Bark. Whip this puppy up and you’ll be barking up the right tree. Geddit? Bark? Whatever, it’s delicious. Just try it.

7. Apple Pie Panini. A sandwich… for dessert. It’s a little bit genius. It also includes a lot of fruit so it’s healthy. That’s how it works, right? Get the recipe here.

8. Individual Deep-Pan Brownies. Served fresh from the oven they’re practically orgasmic. In fact, good luck having poignant dinner party conversation while these are around.

9. Cereal Blizzard. Um, CEREAL AND ICE CREAM FOR DESSERT. It’s my inner 13-year-old’s dream come true. (Well, there’s this and then there’s the one about Justin Timberlake.)  These are made with American Lucky Charms cereal, which you can buy online in Oz here. Then just brush up on the recipe here and wait for the Insta-love to come rolling in.

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