Ace Architecture: Peter Stutchbury

An unhealthy obsession with Grand Designs is what started it.

No, that’s not entirely true… a fixation with Kevin McCloud is more accurate. I could listen to Kevin talk about being covered in sanitary waste and still feel a stirring in the loins of my frontal lobe. He’s the thinking woman’s crumpet. To have a Kevin-worthy crib is legitimately on the bucket list.

Last week I had my first true Grand Designs experience. It didn’t involve my abode or anyone even remotely named Kevin… But I did get to swan around in an imposing pad at an event I went to in Vaucluse. I don’t mind telling you I fell pretty hard for this building. After some digging I found out it was indeed on the market. Yay! I also discovered it was worth $60 million. Boo.

On the bright side, it did introduce me to the architecture of Peter Stutchbury. His style straddles clean-modern and Australian-kitch with aplomb. Which rather makes him the Hugh Jackman of architects. I love how everything he churns out is masculine yet somehow sits really tenderly in its surrounds.

The way he and his team make the most of the materials they use in these buildings is inspiring. While these dwellings are certainly grand in every sense of the word; the wood, stone and concrete all shine in their own right. In fact, they’re pretty darn breath-taking. Far from looking sparce or un-lived in, these houses clearly require minimal decoration. They speak all for themselves. A table and chairs here and comfy sofa here is all they really require to elevate them to truly bewitching status.

I’d live in a Stutchbury build any old day. Of course, I currently live in a teensy inner-city apartment so I’d probably live in any house, anywhere, any old day… Still, you have to admit these are particularly fetching.


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