Beach Picnic Ideas: Take Note, Bondi

I grew up inland. Way, waaay inland. So even though I’ve lived near one of Australia’s most famous beaches for almost 15 years now, the sea still – and always will – hold a certain mystery for me.

It makes me nervous and excited and slightly hysterical, all at once. Mostly because a trip to the sea shore in this town tends to involve parking harder than a Chippendale dancer, bikinis brighter than Dame Edna’s ‘do and crowds bigger than Kanye’s ego. That’s some serious over-stimulation.

What I’d actually really prefer is something a little more like this… It’s relaxed, muted, soft and more than a little subdued. Exactly what you want from a trip to a far-off sandy wonderland, really. You could pretty much be on trial for insider trading and still forget your woes if you were invited to a this shindig. Despite the prettiness, there’s still a whole lot of practical going on. The picnic baskets, the enamel plates, the water bottles with rubber stoppers – they’re all designed to make food easier to transport and eat at your outdoorsy destination. And the wooden boards not only look the part, they make it much easier to cut and portion food on uneven ground. Keeping the textiles in tune with the surroundings in neutrals and blues… well, that’s just styling genius.

Don’t be afraid of cooking and schlepping cakes and pies directly to your picnic location in the bakeware you cooked them in, either. Not only are they less likely to spill than when pre-transferred into another vessel, they add a rustic touch quicker than you can say, “Oh look, it’s Jamie Oliver! And he’s making a deconstructed dessert!”

Finding a completely deserted beach in which to hold said picnic is slightly more difficult. But if you’re really keen, get yourself out here. You’ll need a boat, but it’s worth it.

These pictures were taken in Lisboa, Portugal. But seriously… take note, Bondi.

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All images via Local Milk.

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