Is This The World’s Best Yoga Studio?

I  have a confession to make… I’m not a huge fan of yoga.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s better than running up manky hills until I sweat balls. But it’s also not as fun as, say, eating my weight in gorgonzola.

I’m also not great on the whole holding-the-same-position-for-eight-minutes-while-I-try-not-to-pass-wind thing.

And then there are also the stinky mats, distracting murals on the walls and dudes in the adjacent studio doing Dwayne Johnson impressions.

I find the whole thing more vexing than relaxing.

But then this gem of a yoga studio landed in my inbox and I was all like, “Damn you, Melbourne –  you get Doughboys Doughnuts and now this?! WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS ONE-UP EVERYONE ON THE COOLNESS. WE GET IT – YOU’RE HIPPER THAN THE REST OF US.”

Then I calmed down because, well, how can you not when looking at these images.

These are the new studios of Move Yoga on Flinders Lane in Melbourne’s CBD. They practice hot yoga. Which once upon a time I thought meant a shortcut to a hotter version of you. Silly me. Firstly – there are no shortcuts, that shit is hard. Secondly, it’s so clearly about temperature. Had I actually stopped to think about it for more than a nano second I probably would have figured that out.

The studios at Move Yoga are heated to between 28° and 35° so it’s basically like hanging out in Singapore minus the weird smells and plane fare.

Interior gurus Hecker Guthrie got the nod for the design, which to me is basically the architectural equivalent of face planting in a tray of butter. Cooling, calming, delicious. It’s got a definite Japanese/Nordic mash-up vibe that makes you want to renovate your entire house from the ground up.

It also makes me want to sign up for a whole lotta yoga classes. Which – considering aforementioned aversion to the exercise – is something of a feat.

I’m betting a lot of dogs will be heading downward in here.

MoveYoga-001-600x400 MoveYoga-002  MoveYoga-004  MoveYoga-007 MoveYoga-006 MoveYoga-010 MoveYoga-012MoveYoga-008 MoveYoga-015 MoveYoga-017 MoveYoga-019MoveYoga-003

All images courtesy of Indesign Live.

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