16 Totally Chic Easter Decorations

I love any internationally recognised, decoration-based holiday.

A legitimate excuse to bust out my shamrock paper cutter?! Thank YOU, St Pat! You are my second favourite Patrick. After Patrick Stewart. That man’s voice is like rich creamery butter.

But I ramble…

My point is, the next festivus for the rest of us – Easter – is but a few chocolate-whoring weeks away.

The only problem with this particular denominational celebration – as I see it – is that it has the potential to be the very apex of tackiness.

Sure, Christmas has all that tinsel, and Halloween those fake spider webs, but Easter – with her pastel bunnies and tinfoil eggs – it’s positively bursting with latent vulgarity. A colourblind yarn bomber could throw a crochet-carrot themed brunch and no one would bat an eyelid. Because, EASTER.

So, how to throw a chic shindig? Keep it down, man. The colour, the foil, the rabbit references – all of it. Think of Easter decorations as being like a Justin Bieber song. Do you want to listen to that full pelt or would you rather turn it down to a less annoying level? Exactly.

You only need one ingredient for a successful Easter table… eggs. Run-of-the-mill, pick-them-up-at-the-grocer eggs.

They’re natural, they’re classy, they so clearly shout Easter in all their yolky glory.

So once you’ve got a dozen or two in hand, here are 16 ways to instantly Easter-ify your table, minimal effort required.

What are they: plain old chicken eggs.
For: when you’re feeling really, really lazy. Add in some quirkier quail or spatchcock eggs for added interest.

What are they: decoupage family photo eggs.
For: those with a colour printer and a Brady-sized bunch of narcissistic children. 
What are they: simple Sharpie-patterned eggs.
For: anyone with a dominant hand and a black permanent marker.
What are they: baked-into-bread eggs
For: anyone who wants to be able to eat their decorations when they’re done.
What are they: watercolour eggs
For: when you want to completely ignore me and inject some punchy colour into your Easter table anyway.
What are they: pale-patterned eggs.
For: those who have time to get to Officeworks before next weekend and pick up one of those elusive white-paint pen.
What are they: flower crown eggs.
For: whimsical types who just can’t quit. #craftlyf
What are they: washi tape eggs
For: those who have zero creative skills whatsoever and need to rely on built-in patterns.
What are they: hand-carved eggs.
For: naught but the most patient and skilled artisans in the world. In fact, let’s face it – no one’s doing this.
What are they: moustachio men eggs.
For: those who own a hot glue gun and aren’t afraid to use it.
What are they: flower-wrapped eggs.
For: rich people who live in actual houses with actual yards and actual flower beds from which to forage.
What are they: crossword eggs
For: nerdy types. You know, the same people you gave that Sudoku toilet paper to for Christmas.
What are they: succulent-filled eggs.
For: those with green thumbs who aren’t easily frustrated by breaking every second shell (because you will).
What are they: typography eggs.
For: leaving sweet messages (or horrific hate letters, either way) for your guests.
What are they: rope-wrapped eggs
For: minimalist types. Bonus points for practicality – these suckers won’t roll off the table.
What are they: ombre eggs.
For: those who want an egg-based centrepiece that will be Instagrammed until the cows come home.

As always, get all the links over on the Pinterest board. Have a great Easter everyone!

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