Cut-Out Swimwear: Hubba Hubba

This is a bit of an anti-Australian confession… but I’m not a huge personal champion of the bikini. They just leave me feeling like I’m gallivanting around in my underwear. I’m not allowed to wear lingerie in Coles, why is okay down the road? Because I’m standing on sand instead of concrete? And it’s in neon stripe instead of grey marle? I never entirely understood it. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never managed to look as Kate Upton as I would like in a two-piece.

But the current crop of cut-out one-pieces… Oh. I’m all over it. Leaving that little bit extra to the imagination is somehow that much sexier, no? That’s a rhetorical question. These are quite clearly provocative to the key of steamy. I like that in an outlandishly expensive piece of Lycra.

One of the best things about a cut-out one-piece is that there really is one for every body type. You truly can make the most of your assets while still wrapped in about 12 square inches of fabric. Let’s see a bikini do that.

If you’re the confident type, this Zimmermann number is your ticket. Marysia Swim also does a real head-turner. Or, if you’re looking for something a little simpler with some serious coverage, this Asos version comes complete with a mean sexy shoulder.

All I’m asking if you add one to your regular rotation… If only for those hectic big-wave days, if nothing else. You really only have to emerge from the surf once with your bikini top around your ankles to know it’s a good idea. Unless you’re looking to cameo in an episode of Bondi Rescue. In which case, go right ahead and rock that two-piece in 80-kilometre winds. I’m sure Harries will be right behind you.

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  1. Katherine says:

    I am a huge advocate of onepiece swimwear. We Are Handsome also do a great fashion line. But Zimmermann is my all-time fav. Especially since I can get matching swimwear for my little girl :)

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