Event Of The Week: Cartier Lunch

There are events and then there are EVENTS. And when the invitation reads Cartier at the top you know you’re in for a treat.

To launch their new film, Shape Your Time (read: a 90-second homage to the world’s fanciest watches), Cartier threw a sumptuous – and I mean sumptuous – lunch earlier this week which included white-gloved product demonstrations, incredible food, Grandiflora centrepieces and my favourite… Cartier bellboys. I made them walk me down the stairs, one on each arm. It just felt like the thing to do.

But back to the lunch. What the Cartier event fairies did really well was keep the tablescape simple with just one signature colour and sans the frou-frou. The low-to-the-table vases meant there was nothing in the way of cross-table conversation too, which is something a lot of wedding-makers tend to forget. The three-piece musical outfit wasn’t a bad touch either. Who doesn’t like a little double bass with their bass, I ask you? Nobody I want to know.

The watches were, of course, pretty darn impressive as well. It was certainly the first time I’d tried on a timepiece worth more than my car. Actually, it was worth more than all the cars on my entire inner-city street but you get the idea. They embody a tangible quality that actually makes you hold your breath when you manhandle one. It was actually pretty surreal, as far as watches go. You can’t buy that kind of pedigree. Well, you probably can but it’s bound to be prohibitively pricey.

For my money, the Tank watch is where it’s at. And, yes, it was genuinely inspired by an army tank. It’s been around in more or less the same form since 1917 so it clearly goes alright. Plus, the squared-off shape makes it a unisex marvel. Perhaps you and the significant other can buy one and share… just think of the cost-per-wear.

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