12 Fairy Bread Creations For Every Situation

Were you aware fairy bread was an Australian invention?

I, for one, was not.

Until last week when I discovered this fact while balls deep in an Instagram vortex on a two-hour long train ride down to the South Coast with no snacks to speak of.

But it is. And I think that’s something to celebrate.

So here you have it – 12 incredible, delectable, stupendous sprinkle-based creations and the completely improbably situations in which I would eat them.

Feel free to replicate and consummate in the privacy of your own kitchen or boudoir. Whatever blows your hair back.

What is it: gourmet fairy bread
When would I eat it: When a British royal aid calls and says, “Quick, we’re bringing Kate and Wills around to your house in ten minutes. Think of something amazing to serve them for afternoon tea! And for God’s sake, put that nude painting of Colin Firth away this time. We don’t want a repeat of Darcy Gate 2012.” Stranger and less delicious things have happened.

What is it: fairy bread made with Nutella instead of butter
When would I eat it: OMG, this is so simple and so obvious. Like the plot of any Ashton Kutcher movie ever.
What is it: fairy bread macarons
When would I eat it: When I serve them at my future Australian of The Year voting party and I want my guests to think I am both classy and a whoa-man of the people.
What is it: fairy bread shots
When would I eat it: When babysitting my two-year-old God son while simultaneously trying to make him realise that I’m the greatest thing that ever happened to him. Why is it always so difficult to make men realise this? And why does it always require shots?
What is it: fairy bread sticks
When would I eat it: Oh, I’ve always said we need more foods on sticks. Who doesn’t love a snack that leaves your dominant hand free for drinking vodka-based cocktails? Nobody.
What is it: fairy bread skillet
When would I eat it: On my best date ever, right after we finish a cheese-burger pizza for two and magnum of Grange. If anyone knows someone who would enjoy said date… marry them. Marry them now.
What is it:
fairy bread cookies
When would I eat it: When watching vintage episodes of Sesame Street on Australia Day. Duh.
What is it: fairy bread cake
When would I eat it: On my birthday later this year when I have the sudden epiphany that people born in 1997 are now of legal drinking age, and at which time I will subsequently declare: “I know I said I didn’t want a cake, but screw that – I’m starting this Saturn’s Return early!”
What is it: fair bread sandwich
When would I eat it: Um, everyday after school for three years between the years of 1991 and 1994. Those were some awkward, cringe-worthy years.
What is it: fairy bread baguette
When would I eat it: When I meet and marry a sexy, sexy Frenchman. So… never at this point.
What is it: fairy bread popcorn
When would I eat it: While watching any rom-com ever. Sometimes you just want to turn the saccharine up to 11.
What is it: fairy bread bagel
When would I eat it: When I’m in New York and I realise I’m in the bagel shop line in front of Jimmy freaking Fallon. If that doesn’t impress him, nothing will. Men are impressed by chicks that down weird foreign foods, right? I thought so.

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