My Ten Favourite Party Hacks

If you’ve ever thrown someone a surprise party, organised a wedding or tried to get any more than six people to commit to anything at any one time, you know how hard it is be a host.

Harder than getting George Clooney to commit, that’s how hard.

Wait, that just happened didn’t it? In that case, there must be ways to make throwing a party easier too…

Oh look, here they are – all in one convenient post!

The below is a collection of a few simple tricks I’ve learned over the years; party hacks, if you will. Each more Instagrammable than the last. These are the kinds of things that can help turn a mediocre celebration into a real show-stopper. Trust me on this.

So without further ado, my top ten party hacks…


1. Pineapple vases. A more summery vessel does not exist. Or if it does I don’t want to know about it.
2. Paper straw easels. Perfect for place card holders, menus and signs instructing guests as to which food is which and what drink is what.
3. Water balloon ice cubes. Just fill them up, freeze them and you’ve got a drink cooler even Liberace would’ve been proud of. Your three-year-old nephew Phoenix won’t sneeze at them either.
4. Hanging doughnuts. Dessert and a game rolled into one. This is obviously a hands-behind-your-back-affair. Particularly amusing after a few vinos.
5. Mint ice. So simple to make I don’t even need to give you the instructions. They can make even plain old water look festive. Perfect for teetotalers.

6. Baking cup covers. Avoid insects landing in your lemonade and having to chase your straw around your tumbler like a dog with a bone. Winning!
7. Vegetable votives. Pretty much any fruit or vegetable can double as a candle holder. Turnips, oranges, capsicums, apples… the list goes on. Get thee to the grocer!
8. Label-maker love. Use your office label maker to make sure guests use the same glass all night. While ‘James’ and ‘Nancy’ are all well and good, ‘Once met Bill Clinton’ and ‘Already crashed her car twice this year’ are better.
9. Espresso-cup ice cream. These teensy cups are the perfect size for a snifter of sorbet. I know… I don’t know why you never thought of this either.
10. Glitter and glassware. Inject some fancy to your floral centrepieces by adding some of the sparkly stuff to the water before you pop in your flowers. Cue the oohs and ahhs.

And just because I love you… BONUS HACK!

11. A cuddle of candles. Group a bunch of fire-starters together in a jar for a unique table centrepiece that’s born to wow.


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