So Festive: OTT Sparkle

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, shiz got real festive it was all pretty grouse.

That’s right, it’s just one more sleep till the big guy arrives! And I, for one, am feeling pretty darn chipper.

To start with, any day entirely dedicated to eating and drinking is alright by me. And furthermore… ham. And lots of it. They’re kind of the same thing, I guess, I just really like ham.

It also signals the beginning of the most jubilant week of the year. Christmas followed by a week of summery bliss followed by New Year’s Eve. It’s extended peppiness book-ended by joy.

Which brings me to the sparkle… because if you’re going to bust out some sparkle, now is the time to do it.

Whether in your house or in your wardrobe, some over-the-top embellishment is enough to put you in a seriously good mood. It’s truly the one time of the year you can never be overdressed. Want to wear a sequinned jacket with rhinestone-studded jeans? Who’s going to stop you. Not me. I’ll join you in my glitter palazzo pants and beaded Christmas sweater. We can drink sangria and talk about how great Balmain is even though we can’t afford it.

One of my favourite things about OTT sparkle is it doesn’t have to be a cacophony of colour – it can actually be quite neutral. All of the below are in a really simple muted silver and gold palette. So it’s OTT but subtly so… go with it, it’s a thing.

So as the year that will forever be known as the Reign of Normcore in fashion circles draws to an end, don’t forget Christmas Eve is a good a time as any to bring back the bling.

And from my clan to yours, Merry Festivus. x

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