Garnish This: Hard Drinks Made Soft

Vodka. Whiskey. Gin. The whole gang’s here! Only this time with a little added pizzazz. And what’s a party without pizzazz? It’s a bunch of people who like alcohol all imbibing it in the same room at the same time, that’s what. But with pizzazz… well that’s a celebration of life, love and liquor.

And pardon my petunias, but have you ever seen a hard drink look so delicate? It’s like the woman in a Botticelli came to life, made a round of drinks and stepped right back into her painting. It’s all cherubic and exquisite and overly feminine. And proudly so, I might add.

As is it, edible flowers are having something of a moment in party circles. Yes, it’s true – there are party circles. Actually, they’re really more like party sweatshops than circles, but posts like this don’t happen without these shindig sirens doing their thing behind the scenes, so go with it. You can’t turn around at a wedding these days without running into a marigold or two. Cakes are lousy with them.

The flowers used here aren’t the edible kind, as it happens. They’re just for show. But they are organic. If you are after the digestible kind, a natty little business named Cyberfresh will deliver them to your door. Just make sure your guests know which kind you used when you serve them so you don’t turn around and see great aunt Ethel chowing down on a pesticide-laced chrysanthemum.

The utterly delightful Bri from DesignLoveFest has graciously provided all these recipes for rosewater lemonade, chamomile whiskey and more over on her website, but just take a moment to truly appreciate these fermented creations.

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Possibly, but these ones involve gin, so sign me up.

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Get all the recipes over at DesignLoveFest.

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