Good Friday Feel: Vanuatu

Good Friday is one of those days you tend to ponder things.

You stop, you think, you reflect like a newly Windexed mirror.

The fact it’s a public holiday kind of does it for you, whether you’re religious or not. Family, friends, and that extra glass of wine you needed to calm your nerves after grandma almost choked on a fish bone – they all add up to one of those rare iPhones down, spirits up kind of days.

This year I’m thinking about Vanuatu. And not in the I’d-rather-be-on-a-tropical-island-than-here-dealing-with-these-muppets way that I usually do. In the way that I’m wondering how they’re doing, how they’re getting on, how their post-Cyclone Pam spirits are.

I spent a week in Vanuatu earlier this year, just before Pam came and got up in their proverbial grill. It was truly one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever been.

And the people – don’t even get me started on those glorious beings. There’s a reason the population clocks in at number one on the Annual Happiness Index year after year, and it’s not the kava. Okay, it’s a little bit the kava.

My point is, there is something we can do – all of us – to make sure by the time Good Friday rolls around in 2016, they’re well on their way to being back, rock solid and more tenacious than ever.

And that thing is book a tropical holiday.

They might not be back on their feet and tourist-accessible just yet, but it was their biggest industry before Pam and it will be their biggest industry after. As long as we get on board. As in literally book a seat on an Air Vanuatu flight and get on board.

So considering most people lock their leave in months in advance, may I suggest penciling in a few days in the tropical wonderland that is Vanuatu some time this year?!

It’s the win-win-iest situation that ever there was.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at my Instagram diary down below and you’ll want to get involved faster than you can say, “Yes. Yes I will have another pina colada.”

Catch you in Port Vila. x

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  1. Bec says:

    Seconded! Vanuatu is the most spectacular, wild place I’ve ever seen.

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