Hot Right Now: Wall Hangings

Pfft. Paintings. They’re so four score and seven years ago. What have you done for me lately, paintings?! Apart from cry out for constant dusting? You’re so high maintenance.

No, wall hangings are an interior’s stylist’s current go-to. Sure, they still have a tendency to get a little dusty. But they hide it surprisingly well. Like a 16-year-old with a fresh tattoo and overprotective parents. And many of them can even withstand a wash cycle, so two points there.

I also quite like that wall accoutrements go through trends, the same way as shoes or hairstyles. And as far as interiors trends go, I think this is a good one. It’s a little bit retro and a little bit relaxed with just a pinch of 2014 DIY-ness. I might not be able to renovate an entire house in a week, a la The Block, but I can tie knots in rope. At least I have a Girl Guides badge that says I can.

If you’re looking for a quicker, buy-now option, Etsy’s full of them. My pals over at Table Tonic do some pretty stellar ones too. But if you’re really dexterous, you can most definitely try making your own. All you need is a trip to Spotlight, a pot of coffee and well-behaved kids that go to sleep really, really early.

Opting for one in a neutral colour is obviously the safe route. But I also like the starkness of black yarn against pale walls or a punch of colour juxtaposed by some bleached driftwood. I also like that I just got to use the word juxtaposed. What a great word that is.

Whatever your flavour, don’t let your walls go naked. Because macrame’s as good as a holiday. Not to mention cheaper than a Bromley.

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