How To Be Single

If the 90s was the decade of the female rapper and the noughties was the decade of the female CEO then the teens are definitely the decade of the female comedian.

Which I’m all for, obviously. And not just because I am one but because humour is akin to happiness – who cares where it comes from as long as it exists in the world.

Also, as far as I’m aware the funny bone isn’t actually located in the penis. I’ve done some field work on this and they’re definitely boneless, like veiny flesh-coloured bananas.

In my opinion, most of the best comedies to come out of the last few years have been female-centric. For the first time ever, they’re also getting equal billing with the muscle-fest blockbusters we’ve always taken as Hollywood gospel. These are both stellar things.

The latest of this new breed releases in cinemas today – and to celebrate all things female and funny, Roadshow asked me to host an exclusive screening at their private theatrette in Sydney. Which I was super pumped to do, even if that does make me the most professionally single person in Australia.

Although to be fair, I have written a column about sex and dating in Cosmo for almost seven years now, so that might have had something to do with it. And most of my stand-up is also based on squirmy dating stories, now that I think about it…

Actually it’s probably safe to say that if one could be an expert in the awkwardness of dating, I would be that expert. And the one thing I can share with you on the subject is this… dating is really, really HARD. Like, the cast of a Magic Mike movie hard.

How To Be Single is about just that, in a nutshell. That sticky, icky, awkward, cringy journey. With a side order of pancakes and an erection to go.

It’s good too. One person in the screening actually ROFL’d. Like, literally rolled around the floor. That’s not just any old giggle, that’s the stuff comedian’s dreams are made of!

The select group of media, friends and social media followers in attendance all agreed: it was funny and emotive and they loved the Ross Geller reference (look out for it, it’s hilarious).

Oh – and don’t go thinking this is just a chick flick either. That ROFL I mentioned earlier… that was a dude.

Guests sipped and supped on champagne and mini pavlova before I got to intro the movie with all of my favourite dating jokes (and I have a few) so I guess this means I’ll be putting ‘worked with Rebel Wilson’ on my resume now. Speaking of which, let’s get to the movie! These were some of my highlights…

THIS SCENE. It is most excellent and you will chuckle your Spanx off.

The hangover scene. Because I drink Hydralyte basically every Sunday.

Just these two in general.14176H2BS.DNG

Oh, and this guy. Who is he? Where did he come from? Can I date him? All super valid questions. H2BS_4JUNE150311.DNG

Enjoy the giggle monster that is this film. (And if you have that guy’s number, don’t hestitate to pass it on.)

How To Be Single opens in cinemas today, Thursday February 18, 2016.

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