How To: Kick Start A Creative Career

I get quite a lot of letters (well – digital FAQs, really) about blogging, and writing in general. About how to get into the field, have that field take you seriously and generally skip about in the field like you’re on Little House on The Prairie.

The thing is, this isn’t what I was originally trained to do…

In fact, I studied law and product design. That’s right – if anyone needed a litigiously considered clock radio, I was your gal!

But like so many of us, I felt the need to switch it up. So switch it I did.

I pretty quickly found my niche in Mag Land, but everyone has their eyes on their own individually shaped prize. Maybe you want to make doughnuts. Or perhaps you want to start a doughnut-scented hand cream business. Or maybe you want to get paid to travel the world eating doughnuts competitively.

…Can you tell I’m craving doughnuts?

Anyway, the point is changing careers is completely and totally doable. There are even people whose entire job it is to help others skill up so they can do the switcheroo themselves. Ironic, no? These career changerers can help you figure out what your ideal career looks and exactly how to get there. For FREE, I might add.

So what’s the best way into a creative career?

Well, there seem to be three main areas people have their sights set on these days – food, inventiveness and being your own boss. So let’s break it down like DJ Enzyme with the help of one such career changerer – SEEK Learning consultant Andy McDonnell.

1. So you want to be a: FAMOUS FOODIE
Your inspiration:
Stephanie Alexander
She went from: Librarian to chef and author of the ever-popular Cook’s Companion


How can you get in on it? Careers that revolve around a brand – personal or professional – usually require finely tuned communication and marketing skills. You might feel your flair with food speaks for itself, but if you don’t know how to market it effectively, your cream puffs will fall on deaf ears and non-existent stomachs. A tragedy of gastronomic proportions!

“Once you have your trade, knowing how to build, communicate and market your brand effectively is key for success – from the basics like growing your customer base to appealing to the media so you can gain extra publicity for your work” Andy says.

Recommended course:
If you’ve already got the culinary skills, “A course in marketing or communications can help set you up for success,” Andy says.

2. So you want to be a: DESIGN DOYENNE
Your inspiration:
Lisa Gorman
She went from: Nurse to fashion designer and founder of uber cool label Gorman


How can you get in on it? If you’re itching to work in an industry that allows you to use your creative flair and get paid for it – you may just find you flourish in the world of design. No matter where you want to take your skills, a strong foundation in design wizardry will set you in good stead for the long haul.

“Speak to a SEEK Learning consultant about which course is best for your particular area, depending on whether you’re looking to get into graphic design, interior design or even web design – there are so many options, it really just depends on where you want to be at the end of it!” Andy says.

Recommended course: If you want to launch a creative career, a design course is likely to be the start you’re looking for.

3. So you want to be a: EAGER ENTREPRENEUR
Your inspiration:
Naomi Simson
She went from: Corporate marketer to Founder and CEO of Red Balloon


How can you get in on it? Naomi’s entire business is based around the idea of giving experiences as gifts, and while the unlimited amount of laser skirmish I’d treat myself to would be my reason for doing it, most people just like the idea of owning their own company. Each to their own, I guess.

“We have a range of business courses available including ones that are great for the beginner and very entrepreneurial,” says Andy. “You can learn about the legal requirements of your own business, how to market it, how to deal with staff and how to do a business plan.”

Recommended course: Running any business requires a certain skill set in order to be successful (this isn’t a wing-it-and-see scenario after all!). “A qualification in Small Business Management would be a great start,” Andy says.

This post is sponsored by SEEK Learning. SEEK Learning partners with nationally accredited education providers, to offer 300+ courses to get students job-ready. SEEK Learning Consultants help students find the right course for their career goals, budget and lifestyle, with courses starting year-round.

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