Just Breathtaking: Travel Portraits

I might be a wordsmith by trade but I’ll freely admit nothing has the ability to transport you as quickly and as wholly as an incredible image. And these are some of the most hypnotising I’ve seen since those pictures of Geoff Goldblum frolicking on the beach surfaced on the internets. (What’s that – you haven’t seen them? Oh… well, I wouldn’t suggest Google-searching them while you’re at work.)

Pictures with people in them are always the most compelling. Because correct me if I’m wrong, but faces in spaces can take you to far off places. I’ve just stumbled across NatGeo Traveller’s portrait photography section and it’s all that in a neat little package of pixels.

Every picture begs to be stared at, longed over and revisited later. Every face, young or old, is commanding. The composition of each one is as near to perfect as I’ve ever seen or could ever hope to achieve with my dinky little DSLR and fumbling skills. From the gregarious-looking Swiss gentleman toting a curly-haired lamb to the young Mongolian student at one with his Horsehead fiddle, these travel portraits are all completely transportive; from the first to the last.

These are also all finalists from NatGeo’s 2014 Photo Contest and, my oh my, is the quality-bar set high. I’d say it’s a standard that sits in complete opposition to the annual competition Australia’s Funniest Home Videos used to run. You know, as a benchmark.

We all know how difficult it can be impart the magic of an enchanting travel experience when you return home; it rarely seems to have the same flavour or colour as the original. But while I can’t say any bargain airfare or far-off hotel pool ever really ever made me want to reach for my passport, these… these make me want to reach for my passport, squeeze my mother and take a whizbang photography course, all at once.

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