Kraft Paper: Your New BFF

Napkins, confetti, candles, paper straws, Polaroids… it takes an army to throw a good party. But my number one party supply has always been, and will always be, a solid roll of kraft paper.

This stuff is to a party what rations are to an army: a staple without which one cannot go on! Hyperbole? Maybe. But hey, it’s my party and I’ll hyperbolise if I want to.

Having such hefty rolls of the stuff around the place on a perennial basis has meant I’ve found many other uses for it over the years. I’m all but addicted. I buy it 300 metres at a time. No fooling. A gift doesn’t leave this house without a good dose of the stuff.

But – being the utilitarian joy that it is – it’s useful for so much more than wrapping presents. I often use it as a table runner; the beauty of which is it’s completely disposable. Guests can spill their food and kids and doodle with crayons to their heart’s content and you can ball the entire thing up at the end and make for bins-ville. It’s also great for writing out menus or shopping lists. Don’t restrict yourself to the ye olde black Sharpie though – white and gold markers make light work of impressive table settings.

Also handy are alphabet stamps, like these ones from Paper Cotton Love. Use them to mark up book covers, labels for the inside of jars or to denote who’s sitting where directly on your newly minted table covering.

I suggest buying a roll that’s at least 80GSM – a number which denoted the thickness of the paper. Anything around 60GSM or below is just likely to tear when you use it. And tears are no good for nobody… unless you’re making burrata, in which case, as you were.

So simply be inspired by the blank canvas that is kraft paper and party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth.

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