Life Revamp: 2015 Edition

Ah, February. It’s the new January. Whether you love your job or otherwise, you’re no doubt right back in full 9-to-5 mode by now. Holidays are but a distant memory. Take me back to when my biggest complaint was an excess of ham and alcohol.

A timely reminder… ham is for life, not just for Christmas. Remember that.

But pork products aside, it’s also the most new-leafy time of the year. These first couple of months are undoubtedly the time you re-hit the gym, re-double your efforts and re-order the quinoa salad from the canteen downstairs, every damn day.

Unfortunately it’s also often an exercise in futility – turns out a full 88% of us don’t stick to our New Year resolutions. I actually would have thought it was somewhere around the 99.9% mark, but there you go.

So instead of insisting on a gym and diet regime not even Gwyneth Paltrow could stick to, I’m more about hitting up some life admin goals instead.

And summer really is the time to get things done. Need a new facialist? Summer that shiz. Cleaner? Summer. Boyfriend? Summer. That way, the time December rolls around you’ve been #winning for a whole 12 months. And yes, boyfriends do count as life admin. Oh boy, do they count.

According to a new report from, I’m on the money: now is indeed the time to get your shiz sorted. In fact, there are more searches for hairdressers during January than any other month. Podiatrists and chiropractors too. Who knew?!

Here are the top ten things I’ll be seeking out, searching for and working on in 2015…

1. Wardrobe overhaul: anything with logos is out, tailored chicness up to my eyeballs is in.

2. Shoes: the same goes for shoes.

3. Gifts: I want to give more gifts this year than any that’s come before it. Birthday gifts, celebratory gifts, no reason gifts.

4. More paddleboarding: have you heard of stand-up paddle board yoga? No?! Do yourself a favour.

5. Keep a plant alive: I want to buy a fig and keep that puppy alive to see 2016.
6. Travel more, travel often: anywhere, everywhere, for five minutes or five months. Travel is chicken soup for the soul.
7. Get a cleaner: I figure if my kitchen looks like this, I’ll be more likely to actually use for things other than wine storage.

8. Throw more last-minute dinner parties: spontaneous fun is the best kind of fun.

9. Buy one really incredible piece of furniture: I think I’m old enough and ugly enough… it’s time.

10. Love more: being open to love is like being open to winning the lottery – you’ve got to have tickets on yourself and be paying attention when your number comes up. Word.

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  1. Bruno says:

    Well I am having a raeahrsel dinner but I decided to have a spa day and treat my 2 bridesmaids , MY FMIL, and my mom to a spa day a week before the wedding . So I will give them there gifts then just because I think alot will be going on at the raeahrsel dinner.

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