London: An Instagram Diary

A week spent wandering is a week well spent. And I recently spent an entire glorious week meandering my way around London.

I went to visit an old friend – but as she had to work during the day, and I’d done and dusted all the classic tourist regalia many moons ago, I decided on the no-plan plan. You know, like a telco would try to sell you, only more fun.

As I was staying in Notting Hill, I’d get up, head down to the markets for coffee and croissant and then just ride the tube all day like a nomad. Skipping from borough to borough with the kind of freedom we rarely get to experience in our everyday lives. I’m not talking an epic, I’m-about-to-get-divorced-and-I’m-spending-all-his-money-before-he-finds-out kind of freedom, just… freedom. The flexibility to do whatever takes your fancy, whenever it takes your fancy. And that’s just about the best break from your bill-getting, rent-paying life you can get.

With a myriad of museums, markets and munchies, London isn’t a half bad place to get lost in either. If you’re looking for a drink with a view, head straight for Sushisamba. Thirty nine floors up, you’ll get 360-degree views of the city and – if you’re feeling peckish – some of the best sushi in the city. You’ll pay for the privilege, but you’ll also likely get a gander at celeb while you’re at it.

As for eats – the warehouse-style glory that is the Tramshed in Shoreditch is a must. If only for the Damien Hirst ‘cock ‘n’ bull’ art installation and upside-down roast chicken. While we’re at it, La Bodega Negra is also worth a visit. Don’t let the adult-shop exterior fool you – descend down the stairs and you’ll find some of the chicest Mexican food in the city.

Here’s a tiny snippet of my travels. (Please note the lewd Westminster Bridge shadows. Worth the visit alone.)

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