In Lust: Crazy-Amazing Wallpaper

One day when I’m decorating my mansion and Kevin McCloud is helping me pick out wall furnishings, I’ll look back at this for inspiration.

“Oh yes, that one’s quite fetching,” Kevin will say.

“You have such a good eye, Kev,” I’ll reply. “That’s exactly the one I was going to go with!” And then we’ll laugh over a cheeky glass of Bordeaux.

Until then I’ll just have to look at this and imagine. But a gal can dream. And dream I shall. Because, seriously… how great are these wallpapers? Greater than all the Grand Designs-themed lunchboxes in the world, that’s how. And while we’re at it, someone should invent Grand Designs-themed lunchboxes. I have a feeling they’ll sell like bottled water during a Zombie apocalypse. Heck, I’ll crowd fund that puppy.

I get that some people find wallpaper all a little busy – and that’s cool. I’m not going to hold a wallpaper glue gun to your head. But I think a wallpaper feature wall – as Dr Dre would say – is the bomb diggity. And far from the retro stripes and florals of old, the wallpaper of now fresh and purposeful. I love the idea of world-map wall in a kid’s room or a photo-real forest as a bedhead.

My favourite wallpaper of all time is a pattern called ‘Martinique’ –  a large banana-leaf print which is most famously tacked to the walls of the Beverly Hills Hotel. But, hey, I’ll take just about anything. Spots, splashes or splodges. And when you think of it as art, it’s cheaper per inch than even an Ikea-framed spread.

If you’re not sure where to start, I suggest Signature Prints. Not only do they hold workshops where you can make your own, they’re the only licensed holders of Florence Broadhurst archive prints in the country. And when it comes to wallpaper in Australia, Florence pretty much invented the industry. Not a bad pedigree if you can get it.

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