Make This: Easy Advent Calendar

Christmas is coming! I can feel it in my waters. Or more accurately, I can see it in the department store windows. And while I’m a pretty big aficionado of all things festive, all that excessive tinsel and inflatable reindeer action tends to get to one after a while. It’s all a little… overstimulating.

So this year I’m opting for a minimalist yule, starting with this black and white advent calendar. What I like about this is the boxes are big enough for you to fill with just about anything – chocolatey treats for the sweet tooth, trinkets for the kidlets or, hell, even flavoured condoms if you’ve just started dating a new beau. Just an idea… wink wink, nudge nudge.

All you need is some of these simple square boxes and a black Sharpie. That’s all she wrote. Well, you can add some flair with numbered stamps on the back if you like, but aforementioned Sharpie would do the job just as well. The real trick is to not try and get fancy with colour and twine. Your neon stickers have no power here. The simpler, the better.

Just rule it up, colour it in and you’re good to go. If you want a really thrifty version, hand-written notes works too. Who doesn’t want a daily written reminder of how much they’re loved? Nobody on this earth. In fact, why we’re at it, you could double thrift it by using plain white envelopes for your notes. At $6.50 for a pack of 50 from Officeworks you couldn’t a better cost-to-joy ratio if you tried. And I’ve tried.

Don’t wait too long to get started though… December starts on Monday, after all. Monday, I’m telling you!

Summer, ham, advent calendar joy: this is only the beginning.

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