31 Minimalist Christmas Trees

I love the smell of pine needles in the morning. Not in an Old Spice way, in a you paid good money to have a giant tree shoved into the corner of your living room way.

Whiffs of Christmas, no?

Of course it does.

Nothing signals the start of ham season like a real pine tree. Unless it’s an actual ham. But all the decorations, tinsel, baubles and fuss… I can definitely do without those.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, you’ll love these. Some are real and some aren’t – but they’re all clean, simple, minimalist Christmas trees.

You probably won’t get away with these if you have kids (or dogs, for that matter). But in our exclusively adult household, we’re well down with them. Can’t you just picture standing coquettishly next to one and swirling brandy around in a balloon as your husband hands you a perfectly wrapped orange Hermès box?

If only I had a brandy balloon… Or brandy, for that matter. Or, well… a husband; that’s pretty key to the story too, I guess. You never know… I have been good this year. Santa might pull through before December 25. Stranger things have happened.

These are great though, if like me, you live in an apartment and don’t have much room to move, six-foot tree-wise. The 2D versions won’t take up any space at all, it fact. Others just need a little real estate on your dining table or on a sideboard. Some, like the strips of paper taped to the wall with washi, are practically free. Which leaves more money for things like your new brandy balloon fund.

Just keep it real, keep in minimal, keep it chic. When it comes down to it, it’s the effort that’s festive. And the glitter will keep till New Years, promise.

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