Odd Obsession: Wooden Spoons

Some people like shoes. Others, AFL memorabilia. I have a thing for wooden spoons.

They’re practical, they’re pretty, they’re the highly humble purveyors of pasta… what’s not to love?!

They’ve also been around since at least 250BC; so we’ve been digging at our food for a few millennia now. And while we’re at it, with something that more or less exists in the same form as it did when it was invented. That’s not a bad run for a kitchen utensil. Why the team that comes last in a competition gets one is a mystery to me. Or perhaps it’s why I was always so inept at team sports… yeah, that’s why. Let’s go with that. Because I wanted the wooden spoon.

Just like shoes though, there’s a gamut of quality. You get what you pay for. None of them are really designed to last forever – unless you’re prepared to treat them with a good sandpapering and oiling on a regular basis. But some are definitely more dazzling than others. I happen to like this super simple set from The Twenty Two. These ones from Etsy also take my fancy. And if you want get really crazy, these long-handled version from Leif are crying out for a dinner party or two.

Don’t think they’re just for the kitchen, though – drag those splintery wonders to your table any chance you get. They’re great for serving everything from rice dishes to sauces to gelatinous desserts. Should you be serving things like individual pies or casseroles in mini Le Creuset dishes, you can even eat with them, if you’ve got some slight enough for the job. It’s recommended in fact, as metal cutlery tends to scratch the glazed coating of said Le Creuset dishes.

It might be easy to buy cheap, live hard and dispose of at will… but will you get this kind of character? I think not. Long live timber tablewear.

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