Easy Interiors: Working With Washi Tape

The hug pillow, the selfie stick – the Japanese have invented some truly useful things. You know, if you don’t include this

But my favourite Japanese invention is probably also the simplest: washi tape. That sticky, papery wonder that makes every gift look at least 89% more thoughtful. Now also for walls!

Renters rejoice. It’s cheap, removable and incredibly effective. Use these clever ideas as your inspiration for what is surely the cheapest way to add some hustle to your home base.

Used when even minimal amounts, they can make geometric art for your walls, frame photos or magazine pages with pretty epic results and even double as a game (and a little incidental exercise) for the mini people in your life, when tacked to the floor in just the right way. Scroll down and you’ll see what I mean. I guarantee you’ll find yourself and your guests using it too. It’s simply the exact right balance of whimsy and pragmatism.

Even if you’re not particularly crafty, you can pull this off with aplomb. Just choose a simple pattern, such as crosses or stripes – get measuring and start sticking. It really couldn’t be simpler. Add also to doorways, on windows, to write messages on walls and to frame light switches and electrical sockets. While you’re it, wrap patterned tape around electrical cords to make an unsightly necessity just that little bit more pleasing to the eye. But, Marky, where do I buy all this magical tape?! Well, The Washi Shop on Etsy have just about every variation of the paper tape you could possibly desire. Or, for a more clean-line look, these coloured tapes from Office Works will do the job. Which ever option you choose, you can pretty much get the final result seen here for little but the change in your pocket.

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