Party On A Boat: The Classy Version

I live in Sydney, which is a city that revolves around the water. The beaches, the harbour, the bottled kind you pay $8 for in the David Jones food hall; it’s all here.

The epic boats, yachts and catamarans are what hold the whole, shiny thing together in a Monte Carlo kind of way. If you’ve spent so much as a single summer in Sydney, you’ve probably partied on a boat on some point. It’s a rite of passage in this town. Like Instagramming the VIVID festival and buying a ticket for the meat raffle at North Bondi RSL.

But as cosmopolitan as it all is, it genuinely pales in comparison to this charming waterlogged marvel right here. This is a boat party with a difference. It’s sweet almost to point of saccharine. In a good way, mind you, not in a Kit Kat lasagne king of way. There’s wine and candles and flowers and friends! All the good things in life, really. I particularly like how they’ve deigned to take proper cutlery and crockery instead of opting for plastic versions, which certainly might be easier but is nowhere near as whimsical.

The whole thing is less Icebergs-chic and more Danube-chill. It’s dreamy and romantic and if anyone would ever like to propose to me (anyone… Bueller?), then this is the way to go. Heck, if you’re planning to propose to anyone this is the way to go. I smell a guaranteed affirmative.

In fact, if you’re on the verge of jumping off the proverbial single cliff, you happen to live in Sydney and have a few pennies to rub together, you can hire La Dolce Vita here and recreate all of this with a motor and driver to boot.

And even if you’re not, get 100 friends together, hire this puppy and do it anyway.

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All images via Kinfolk.

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