Party Trend: Hanging Florals

Here’s a party trend I’m currently pretty giddy for…

Hanging flowers. Upside-down blossoms. Backwards blooms.

So simple, so  effective. Not to mention it de-clutters the table for more serious things. Like wine. And, you know… more wine.

All it takes is a little string – rustic yarn, white nylon thread and clear fishing line all work well, depending on the effect you’re going for. But also feel free to get creative with ribbon, wire, baker’s twine or whatever else takes your fancy, too. Next up: some adhesive, of course – I find electrical or masking tape work best if you’re suspending your flowers from a regular ceiling, covered with your washi tape of choice for the pretty factor. And, last but not least, a ladder. Or really tall boyfriend. Whichever is closer and less likely to buckle under pressure.

As for the flowers themselves, tulips seem to have the most punch while baby’s breathe is up there for their ethereal factor. You can of course use flowers you like – real or faux. In fact, silk flowers like these would work a treat if you’re planning to make a bunch in advance – say, as a backdrop for a wedding ceremony or photo booth. Hang from a ceiling beam or horizontally suspended ladder and you’ve got yourself one heck of a statement piece.

Personally, I like hanging bunches of dried herbs with thick, rustic twine over the dining table. Especially effective if you’re throwing an Italian-themed dinner party. Not to mention a very dramatic way of seasoning a dish at the table.

And believe it or not, this actually takes far less acumen than your regular floral arrangements, which are actually surprising hard to do well. Just tie and hang – that’s all there is to it.

Bottoms up!

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