Photo Booth Backdrops: You Can’t Handle The Booth

I love a photo booth. The fun, the grins, the alcohol-fuelled shenanigans. But most of all… the backdrops. The glorious, glorious backdrops.

I’ve made a fair few in my time but every time I turn around some clever clogs has whipped up another, more impressive one, popped it up on Pinterest and suddenly I feel the need to up the backdrop ante. It does mean I have to throw a lot of parties… but on the upside, it means I have to throw a lot of parties. So there’s that.

The following eight are still on my must-recreate list, just waiting for the perfect affair…

I love the idea of using strings of lights for a really dramatic effect; perfect for a wedding. While the foliage pegged on twine surely has to be the cheapest version possible. Seriously, if you can think of a thriftier idea, you should patent it.

As far as framing the whole thing goes, I use one of these for most of my events. If you’re in a rush, attaching curtains is an thirty-second job, while you can string just about anything your heart craves between the supports without much know-how and just a little ingenuity.

And when it comes to actually photographing the whole thing, all you need is a good camera, tripod and remote. The latter two you’ll find for around $30 each on eBay, no sweat. And while not necessary, the remote means you don’t need someone manning the camera the whole night. Alternatively, the new Polaroid-style Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Mini Camera is not only ridiculously easy to use and reload, it means guests can take their memories home with them, in film form.

As for props, I leave that entirely to your imagination. But just FYI… this is your air guitar’s time to shine.

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All images via the Pinterest board.

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