Pigeon Shed: Inner-City Dream House

I’ve just discovered the perfect apartment.

Actually, it’s really more of a converted warehouse mansion hybrid than an apartment.

But perfect it is. In almost every freaking design-lovin’ way.

And here’s the kicker… it’s directly opposite my ACTUAL HOUSE.

Which is obviously how I discovered it but how’s that for an Alcatraz-type deal. You can see the amazingness but you can’t touch this.

It’s called Pigeon Shed and it stands to attention in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Chippendale. Up until a year or so ago it was just a dilapidated old warehouse. One I paid almost no attention too. Then an enterprising young couple with a fair bit of coin bought it and VOILA, triple-height apartment complete with pool, elevator and landscaping.

The whole things was renovated by MCK Architects. a Sydney-based firm of go-getters who are responsible for some rather breathtaking residentials. I can only imagine their glee when they saw the shell and were told to riddle it with glass and marble and sweeping concrete stairs.

I have to say the copper-clad lift is probably the most impressive and ostentatious thing about the whole place. The rest of the interior is muted and relaxing and I want to sneak in during the dead of night and steal all their chairs. Every single floor surface is more impressive than the last and that vertical garden… I can’t even. My succulent garden looks over its balcony and weeps at the beauty of it.

A little dramatic? Maybe. But, perhaps quite gloriously, none of this is obvious from the outside. In fact, you might easily still mistake it for a neglected warehouse full of pigeons at a glance. And thus the drama is built in. It’s an architectural dichotomy that I would like to fist bump. I can only dream of the dinner parties I would throw within its glorious belly.

So let’s take a peek, shall we…


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