Style Files: Mostly Muted Metallics

It might be the fact summer is creeping up on us. Or it might just be because I’m a peacock. But I’m currently enjoying muted metallics.

Nothing too crazy-flash, just a pop of gold. Something that makes me feel lush (and not in the Linsday Lohan way).

Basically, I’ve normcored with the best of them all winter and now I’m just ready for some sparkle. There… I said it.

When done in the right way, even sequins can be subtle. As can leather, silk or metal. Seriously, stick with me. Like with any good outfit, it’s all in the styling. Pair a glittering skirt with an oversized cable knit and voila – you instantly dampen the bling. In a pleasing way, not in a your-engagement-got-covered-in-flour-while-you-were-baking way.

If you’re on the lookout for a festive-season special, this gold leather T-shirt dress is quite a stunner. As are these Alice & Olivia sequin trousers. Okay , there isn’t much subtle about sequin trousers but they’re still aceballs.

The trick to toning down the glitz, as you’ll see below, is mixing your metallic pieces back with neutrals – black, white, grey or beige. Anything else are you start looking dramatically OTT. Draping yourself in one flashy piece is more than enough ostentation to go around. Obviously something no one ever told poor Nicki Minaj.

In fact, while we’re at it, keep your nails and makeup minimal too. Nude everything with tan leather accessories is just about the only way to keep it classy. Again, if anyone happens to get Nicki on the phone anytime soon, would be yet another tip worthwhile passing on. The anaconda will surely still want some whether your nails are painted neon yellow or not, so let your assets (and bronze-hued jogging shorts) speak for themselves.

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