Summer Fun: Fruit Cubes

Test cricket, office parties, ham bags… it’s beginning to look a lot like SUMMER. Which means you’re probably about to have more people descend on your abode than during any other season.

Instead of just flipping out and dialing Pizza Hut (seriously, has anyone tried that Doritos-crust pizza yet? Please report back…), there are some easy ways to help you feel like Martha Stewart in a Bingle bikini. Because planned or a pop-in, a good shindig is all in the details. I’m talking about the little things your guests probably wouldn’t notice if they weren’t there, but they will gasp in delight at when they are. Things like linen napkins, personalised place cards and these little citrus-y marvels – fruit cubes from Design Love Fest.

You might have noticed my signature iteration of this – the mint cubes on My Ten Favourite Party Hacks post – which are great for cocktails. Especially ones that involve whiskey or anything sour. But when it comes to H2O, mixing your ice cubes up with fruit is even better. For the chromatic glory of it all, if nothing else.

Water is essential after all, for things like making sure guests don’t get too sozzled to early and you know… life in general – so it’s always good to have some carafes on hand at a dinner party.

I find adding fruit directly to the water flavours it a little too much. You end up tasting nothing but cucumber or lime or whatever else you’ve chucked in there. By freezing it in ice you not only get a much more subtle flavour you get all the joy of a fruity cubes in all their rainbow brights.

Citrus and berries always work a treat but don’t leave the herbs on the curb. Rosemary is actually pretty stellar in water or punch, as it sage.

So stay cool, stay hydrated, stay summery.

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