Surprise Trend: Leopard Print Interiors

Leopard print has the dubious honour of being both incredibly classic and super tacky, depending on how you use it.

For example…

Leopard print flats: classic.

Leopard print nipple pasties: tacky

I’ve long been a fan of a little leopard in my life, mind you – especially in resort wear. Actually, I’m just a fan of resort wear in general. Palazzo pants are surely the greatest thing we’ve ever invented. You know, besides the light bulb, combustion engine and those tiny travel-sized dry shampoos.

But there is one place leopard is just plain HARD.

And that’s inside your house. No sooner have you brought home a throw cushion than your lounge room suddenly feels like the Playboy grotto. It’s easy to just call the whole thing off.

But it’s doable. And actually super chic when done right. It’s also much less girlie than, say, florals.

Remember, leopard is actually a neutral, so it’s a superlative way to bring a little somethin’ somethin’ to an otherwise minimal living space.

A printed chair, chaise or ottoman packs a punch while soft furnishing work best in subtle versions – think leopard-inspired spots rather than full-blown animal print – and in a fabric that employs only two colours, max.

For the most primo impact though, how about these leopard print stairs?! Couldn’t you just picture sashaying down them in the morning in your vintage kimono and a little Chanel No. 5? Rhetorical question, obviously.

Just don’t totally rule it out, is all I’m saying.

You may have to forget that Rod Stewart almost ruined it for everyone by wearing this and then these, but you can do it. If Rod can marry a woman who looks like this, the rest of us can surely reclaim leopard print.

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