Totally Besotted: Gold Cutlery

Have you ever looked at your dinner and thought, ‘Hmm, wonder how I could make this spagbol feel a little… richer?”

Well, do I have the utensils for you! They’re shiny, they’re pointy and best of all… they’re GOLD.

Right now is gold flatware’s time to shine. You can get it everywhere from West Elm ($34 for a 5-piece set) to Table King ($399 for a 24-piece set). It’s ubiquitous in the best possible way and – thanks to the fact I spent the better part of this year searching for the perfect set – I can sniff it out like it’s been sitting in the sun for six months. Not literally, of course – it’s really more of a metaphorical reasoning. But you get the idea.

Anyhow, I ended up finding a vintage set on eBay. They really take a dinner party up a notch, too. Even if you just pair with white plates and napkins it feels like Heston Blumenthal came  and sprinkled a little magic over the table before leaving to make some house-sized marshmallows or something.

Of course when I say gold I really mean gold-plated. Because that’s what they are – stainless steel electroplated in a thin film of gold. There might be actual gold cutlery out there for all I know – perhaps the sheik of Azerbaijan has some. Seems like something he’d have. But for the rest of us, it’s gold-plated. The only problem with that being you can’t – or at least shouldn’t – put them in the dishwasher. So just like that they become a special-occasion thing over a pass-me-a-fork-soI-can-dig-at-this-frozen-treat thing. But that’s cool – nothing wrong with saving a little bling for the weekend.

So have a squiz and be inspired to take your table to a higher level. Go on, be a gold digger.

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