Totally Unique Bedheads

We spend about one third of our lives asleep. The rest we spend eating, working, living, loving and occasionally showering. Beds are important, is what I’m saying.

Bedheads though, are so often a second thought – a fabric covered headboard usually does the job. But what if you thought outside the box…

Almost anything can be fashioned into a bedhead if you think about it. Rugs, curtains, crates – there’s a natty example below where someone has used an old pair of old doors.

The most classic though, are those crafted from wood.

Here we see some epic variations on the wood theme – pallet headboards, those made from stacks of wooden blocks and even one custom-painted to perfection. There’s also ones crafted from old fence palings and a pretty spectacular hardwood one which is the centerpiece of the whole room. It’s the kind of thing I’d love to find if I booked myself into a rustic yet five-star B’n’B in the hinterlands.

There’s also some pretty nifty wallpaper versions. I know, wallpaper as a headboard… it’s both genius AND space saving. You said feature walls are just for the living room?

And for the super thrifty, the washi tape one gets my vote. Not to mention it would be easy to change up as your whims dictate. And great for kids rooms. Washi: so fun, so versatile… it’s like the Katy Perry of tape.

But the real winner is surely the book bedhead. Because what is bed for if not reading yourself into oblivion? Well… I can think of a few other things bed is for (nudge nudge, wink wink) but it’s a pretty stellar bedhead nonetheless.

Considering you’re going to spend a third of your life looking up at it, you might as well make it magnificent.

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