Try This: Cascading Paper Garland

I’m a complete sucker for a garland. A veritable lollypop for party paraphernalia.

I use them with surprising regularity, too; should I ever need to spruce up an event. You know, weddings, bridal showers, Tuesdays…

So I’m always on the lookout for innovative projects. And Lordy McLord, does the internet provide. It sure is bountiful like that. A veritable cornucopia of ideas. Want to make a canoe out of beer cans? There’s a tutorial for that. How about a tampon pan flute? Not even kidding, that’s a thing. Heck you can even DIY a helicopter if you’re really industrious.

Where was I? Oh yeah, garlands. Nothing like a tampon flute to distract oneself.

Here’s one I’m itching to try for an event I have coming up. It’s one of the many brain children of Lia Griffith: the Queen of Paper Flowers. Seriously, it’s what she does. On a regular basis. You probably didn’t even know there was a Queen of Paper Flowers, but there you have it. Lia’s it. Unlike other faux florals, the paper kind doesn’t seem to suffer from the same inferiority complex. They’re beautiful in their own right; mimicking rather than cloning the real thing. And of course, they never wilt. Two thumbs up.

The result is a garland that’s beautiful, sophisticated and best of all super cheap to make; being that it’s made entirely from paper and string. Like a papier mache marionette, only cooler.  Lia has even graciously provided the pattern for you ready to download and get garlanding.

It might be fastidious work, but I guarantee this will be one of those really satisfying passion projects. I can also picture hanging the whole thing above my bed when I’m done… that’s good garland.

FlowerGarland2 FlowerGarland3 FlowerGarland4

Get the full tutorial and project download over at Lia Griffith.

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