Try This: Wrapping Party

The tree is up, the ham has been ordered, you accidentally made out with Sean from marketing at the Christmas party… December life is being its usual hectic self.

But instead of wrapping your gifts at the last minute like its the festive equivalent of doing your taxes, make like we do in our house and throw a wrapping party.

A wrapping party is exactly what it sounds like – just invite some friends around, get them to bring their unwrapped gifts, then sit around eating cheese and drinking wine while wrapping en masse in a sort of collective Santa’s-workshop-with-booze scenario.

The best thing about this is that it inevitably turns into a friendly rivalry, with everyone getting more and more creative in a bid to outdo each other as the night goes on. Even the boys get right into it; they can’t help themselves. Which means not only do you need to make sure you provide enough wrapping materials to go around, you need to get innovative with your provisions.

For example, this year I partnered with Spotlight who provided all the glorious supplies you see here. After trawling through aisles and aisles of craft crack, I eventually decided on a mini trophy theme. Because a) they’re ridiculously cute. And b) everyone loves getting a trophy. It’s like being in Year 7 all over again. Only you get a present as well. Winning!

I also feel a little bit head-over-heels for the Dymo label maker… so many quips, so little time.

Basically, just get the creative juices flowing. Want to include toy cars/vintage spoons/fake moustaches? What’s stopping you? Nothing, that’s what.

Oh, and of course no gangster wrap party is complete without an accompanying playlist… May I suggest ‘Christmas in Hollis’ by Run DMC, ‘Last Christmas’ by the Rap All Stars and ‘Christmas Rappin’ by Kurtis Blow, just to get you started. Wrap it real good, people.

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