Venice: An Instagram Diary

Last month I spent a glorious long weekend in Venice, Italy. I was in town for a friend’s wedding, which is as good a reason to go to the lagoon city as any.*

Although when it comes down to it, just about any reason rates. There’s a whole lot to lust after in Venice. It’s one of those bucket-list places everyone wants to see before they hit the big waiting room in the sky. And see it now, I say, before it disappears forever. It’s the most unique Italian city there is; chock full of personality even amongst all the excessive tourist-y rubbernecking going on. I find no matter how many times you go, it always feels like the first. The canals, the colours, the characters! No place on earth feels as much like a movie set. It’s an adult playground complete with free-pouring rosé and Italian accents wafting on the wind.

By far one of the best things to do in Venice is wander the streets in pursuit of cicchetti – small Venetian tapas. You’ll get them free at some bars, depending on the owner’s whims that day, or pay a euro or two for them at others. My favourite administrator of the good stuff is All’ Arco, a tiny hole-in-the-wall that’s all but standing room only. Go once and you’ll understand why locals and not-so-locals who read about it here, there and everywhere are happy to brave the crowds and the queues for a tiny taste.

When you’re done there wander the streets until you find Libreria Acqua Alta, the dearest little book store in all the world. With volumes piled high in gondolas, bathtubs and even fashioned into stair cases, it’s a bona fide wonder to behold. While most tomes are in Italian, there’s both an English section and an erotic picture-book section which are well worth a serious browse. Pick you pleasure then head to Harry’s Bar afterwards for a tipple and to pour over your purchases.

Here are but a few of my photos from the Instagrammer’s delight which is Venice.

*No, that friend was not George Clooney… I wish I could pretend it was but it really wasn’t.

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  1. SBOBET says:

    Looks really beautiful.

  2. Luiz says:

    I mailed my cards to iraennttional recipients today, and will mail the U.S. recipients tomorrow. The cards are from my Material Whirl project, which was supposed to be a one-per-day project, but now is just a whenever project. On my blog, , and move ahead through the next 9 entries, and you will see all 10 cards that I have sent out. I hope you will also take time to look at others, and feel free to leave comments!

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