Wedding Of The Year!

Okay, it’s my sister’s wedding – which I styled – so I’m a little biased, but I think you’ll agree it’s a pretty grand little pocket of nuptial bliss.

The bride’s initial brief to me was, “Casual but classy… No formal dinner or anything. Just good times with no fuss.”

Which as far as briefs go is pretty vague… No, “I have a vision in purples and blues.” Or, “I’m thinking funfetti and lots of it.” In fact, nothing specific at all.

By some miracle, what we ended up with was exactly what they wanted. Fun, gloriously summery and seriously laid back. Or as I like to refer to it: the wedding of the year.

The outdoor dance floor was lit up with festoon lighting after dark.
Guests were encouraged to take a handkerchief for ‘happy tears’ at the ceremony. bush-bank-kiama-wedding-jess-nicholas-3(pp_w1000_h666)
The groomsmen all wore handmade leather suspenders we found on Etsy.
A 12-metre long vintage Persian runner sourced from eBay served as an outdoor aisle.
The alter and headpieces were made by Gypsy Flora.
The groom wore a yellow bow-tie while the other groomsmen wore pink. Shirts and pants from MJ Bale. Jess’s dress by Lover.
Instead of a traditional cake cutting, the bride and groom had a pinata smash instead. It rained candy bracelets and watches down on the crowd which went down a treat as late-night dance floor snacks.
I had the bar sign crafted by the good folk at The Laser Co. This piece is made from a piece of reclaimed church pew.
Oh look, it’s me! There are three girls in our family so, boom – built-in bridesmaids.
We kept the vintage Persian rug motif going throughout the reception marquee.
The casual seating area proved to be incredibly popular; it just felt like a really intimate time-out zone.
What’s a wedding without a hashtag?! This is a take on the couple’s last name. Tip: always check if someone’s used your hashtag before you! You don’t want your nuptials mixed up with someone else’s Vegas buck’s night. 
The garlands were made by dying coffee filters with food dye. Different batches left us with different hues meaning we got an ombre effect. 
The rugs we sourced from all over the world – fair to say they really made the marquee pop.
I used kraft paper runners on the tables so guests could leave a message for the couple. Also… gold Sharpies! I heart them.
My cousin Anna and I got up at stupid o’clock the morning before the wedding to hit the Sydney flower markets. Anna did an incredible job of styling them.
More coffee filter garlands!
Vintage fruit crates were turned into casual seating and coffee tables.
Rugs kept guests toasty after the sun went down.
The floral arch by Gypsy Flora.
Hydrangeas, peonies, proteas, cabbage flowers, kangaroo paws and billy buttons all starred in the flower show.bush-bank-kiama-wedding-jess-nicholas-15-16(pp_w1000_h739)
A coat check meant guests could kick off their shoes for the DF without feeling trashy.
Jess and Nick just being stupidly adorable.
I made the photo booth backdrop by sewing layers of gold fringing onto an old bed sheet. And yes, for the record, it did take forever. If I don’t see metallic fringing again for a good long while I’ll be more than okay with that.
Gold glitter doughnut wedding cake! Jess’s friend Neomi covered cinnamon doughnuts from the Famous Berry Donut Van in glaze and edible glitter. I’ll be honest, my favourite part was when everyone pooped glitter the next day.
Jess and Nick’s dog Jelly got his own festive collar thanks to Gypsy Flora.
Jess let her bridesmaids pick their own dress in a neutral hue. I went with floor-length sequins, natch. Hair by The Bridal Hair Co and make-up by The Bridal Makeup Co.
The bridal bouquet was OTT amazing.
I know, I’m wondering when their Myer catalogue contract is going to be drawn up, too.
Photo booths, gosh I love ’em.
Oh look, just a casual woodsy moment under the stars. No biggie.

It was a truly incredible event and I was so happy to be a part of it. If you have any questions about the styling or anything else at all, please just leave a comment and I’ll get right back to you. You know, after I’m done picking confetti out of my sequinned gown.

Even more pics over on the Pinterest board. All photography by Matt from The Evoke Co.

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  1. Karli says:

    Hi Emma,
    My name is Karli and I have been in touch with Matt from the Evoke Company about possibly photographing my wedding at Bush bank on 12th December this year. I came across your sister’s wedding photos on his page and just absolutely love them! I specifically asked him about the styling and he sent me your way :)

    I really love all the rugs and have been trying to source some of my own over ebay and gumtree. I guess my question to you is do you do wedding styling? or do you hire out things like the rugs you sourced?

    Anyway, if you are able to get in touch with me and let me in on any secrets/ advice/ recommendations as to how you put together such a beautiful event i would be so grateful!

    Take care,
    karli :)

  2. markyknowsbest says:

    Hi Karli,

    Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! I’ll email you directly re: all things styling.

    Yours in love of a good wedding,

  3. Annabelle says:

    Hi Marky,
    I’m also interested in hiring the rugs! Would you mind please letting know if you are hiring them out?

  4. Great protrait pictures. I love the light and contract, but the color is magnificent, natural! What lens did you use for this session? Thank you!

  5. lovely wedding pic, love groom’s attire though i really prefer men wearing black but still white look neat and clean perfect for ceremony. Best wishes to you guys from Montagio family.

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